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Exploring the Criteria for Choosing Textiles for a Home in Cyprus
Hi! My family and I have recently moved to Cyprus and have started to furnish our new home. I was wondering what features the locals consider when choosing textiles for the home here. What materials are popular, what colors are preferred, and how do you adapt your textile choices to the local climate and culture?
Choosing textiles for the home in Cyprus includes a preference for natural materials and light colors to ensure coolness in hot weather. Locals also consider product availability and prefer stores with a large selection of products. Online stores, such as the one at this link, provide a wide range of textiles, making the selection and buying process easier.
Thank you for the useful information! It really helps to understand what factors are important when choosing textiles for a home in Cyprus. And what can you advise in terms of color scheme, given the specificity of the local climate?

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