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What is IRS Form 2210?
22-08-2020, 05:55 PM
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What is IRS Form 2210?
If you are a US taxpayer then by now you must have understood the pattern followed by the IRS. Every taxpayer needs to pay the owed taxes throughout the year. There are two ways of making the tax payment: either your employer withholds the amount from your paycheck or you directly make the estimated tax payments. These payments need to be made quarterly. You have to make the payments on the 15th of these months: April, June, September, and January. If you end up paying the amount lesser than you owe then you will have to pay penalty charges. For federal penalties, you will have to file the IRS Form 2210.

A taxpayer has to fill out the IRS Form 2210 if:

The person ends up underpaying the tax amount quarterly.
He/she makes the estimated tax payments after the deadline of that quarter.

In these two cases, you will have to pay penalty charges. For these penalties, you will have to fill out the Form 2210 IRS. If you want to avoid the underpayment penalty, then you must pay the total amount of the last financial year's tax. Or you can also choose to pay 90 percent of the ongoing financial year's tax. This amount can be the total of estimated tax payment and the taxes withheld by the employer.

Every taxpayer needs to make periodic income tax payments in every financial year. These payments are estimated tax amounts. In most of the cases, employers withhold the tax amount from the employee’s paycheck. In such a scenario, there is no need to submit the estimated payments. But this is a better idea to hire a tax accountant for filling out tax forms for you.

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