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What to Eat During Constipation?
02-26-2018, 05:41 PM
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What to Eat During Constipation?
Start to make a diary of your metabolism system, do you have a regular good poop for more than three times a week? If the answer is yes, you are indeed in a good condition, at least constipation free. But if the answer is no, then you have a problem, a constipation problem!
Not to add a fuel in a firepit, but the problem need to be fixed. Below is the list of foods that you need to consider to be added on your healthy food menu selection list to make your constipation go away
1. Yogurt : the probiotics on it help you to gets an appropriate amount of daily needs of it to help your regularity
2. Radishes : Radish has the ability to detoxify the liver, push excess bile out and our bodies which also help to promote the action of peristalsis. The relaxation and contraction of the intestines, what we need to produce the bowel movement
3. Flax seeds/ flax seed oil : it is great helper for relieve the constipation, the tips is that they need to freshly ground and good to be taken every morning
4. Beans : strangely they go into fruits department, the magical fruits which is rich in fiber and magnesium
5. Dark chocolate : remember that magnesium is essential on relieving constipation, dark chocolate is a great source of it!
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