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Get to Know Keto Diet
02-01-2018, 05:00 PM
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Get to Know Keto Diet
Surely you are familiar with the diet mayo, alkaline diet, blood type diet, diet with healthy food menu and keto diet. Currently, keto diet is the most popular among other types of diets because of the uniqueness of the method. Then, what is keto diet?
Keto Diet is.......
Keto diet is a diet that consumes low-carbo food, enough protein and high in fat. In Keto Diet, fat plays an important role because fat will be a source of energy to replace glucose that is usually produced by carbohydrates. That's why when compared to other diets, keto diet is the easiest and fastets method to lose weight.
How it Works?
As we mentioned before, when doing keto diet you are prohibited to eat high carbohydrates food because usually foods that have high carbohydrates contain lots of sugar that will turn into glucose in the body. Usually glucose is what will become the main source of energy for your body. But with keto diet, because there is no intake of carbohydrates that will become glucose or called in ketosis conditions, the body will burn fat into energy sources. So your weight will decrease because the fat in the body will be burned into energy.
What to Eat?
Compared to other diets, diet keto menu is more delicious. Because you will consume lots of fatty foods. Diet keto requires you to consume a healthy food menu with portions of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates everyday. So you can eat fatty fish such as salmon, red meat, eggs, cheese, avocado, butter, and other fatty foods as the main menu. But don’t be too happy, because keto diet also has dietary restrictions that you should avoid. You are not allowed to eat foods or drinks that contain high levels of sugar. Like rice, potatoes, sweet potato, soda and alcohol.

So,are you interested to try this keto diet?
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