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Full Version: For Rent, Apartment Mitra Oasis Penthouse 300sqm PR1694
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For Rent, Apartment Mitra Oasis Penthouse 300sqm, Senen, Central Jakarta
APARTEMEN MITRA OASIS Unit No. 22-01 A ( on 22 & 23 Floor ) (DUPLEX) (PENTHOUSE), Tower A
Size: 300 sqm
Bedroom: 4
Bathroom: 3
Maid Room: 1
Maid Bathroom: 1
Living Room: 2
Wet and Dry Kitchens

[SIZE="4"]Rent Price = Rp 150.000.000 per year[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Hub. Bpk Muninder: 0813-17471748 (HP)
+66-95002-8345 (WA)

[Image: os3125-1.jpg]
[Image: os3125-2.jpg]
[Image: os3125-3.jpg]
[Image: os3125-4.jpg]
[Image: os3125-5.jpg]
[Image: os3125-6.jpg]
[Image: os3125-7.jpg]
[Image: os3125-8.jpg]
[Image: os3125-9.jpg]
[Image: os3125-10.jpg]
[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Hub. Bpk Muninder: 0813-17471748 (HP)
+66-95002-8345 (WA)
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